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Hello again,

The trouble, I was facing when I made this was that, I was using three machines together so that means 3 keyboards and 3 mouse, well 2 mouse one of those machines was console based, and I didn’t had much space on my table it was getting much hectic managing all the keyboards and mouses. And KVM’s in market I found were quiet expensive. so the solution was quiet simple and cheap; I took 8 small relays, cut-out of vero board, two toggle buttons, one usb-female for wireless RF receiver of Keyboard and Mouse and 3 usb-male for 3 machines and Altoids box to fit it all in.

I powered it externally, do not use usb to from machine to power the relays, it could fry your usb controller hub in machine. so two toggle switches meant;


00, 01, 11, 10


concept was quiet simple usb has 4 wires 2 of them are for power and 2 in center for data .. I distributed them, on toggle the connection of wires changed from one usb-male to another .. Sharing one wireless keyboard and mouse with 3 machines.

Kinect Car



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I think therefore; I am.

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That is contradictory right?, well I am because of God. A little about myself people think of me bossy and a jerk, well they are wrong, and head up, I am narcissist, perfectionist, obsessive compulsive, bit weird but you will love me.