nas4free embedded: auto mount samba share on boot

Nas4Free Embedded, is the most fault tolerant version for nas4free, but it has a downside; changes are not persistent. like, for example, I required my other samba shares from other machine to be mounted on nas4free embedded on boot, so what I did was; placed the below script in command script GUI page placed .nsmbrc on one of the shares - which has the password so it does not get prompted during boot for password and kept the mount folder inside that share also, obviously that folder inside share will not be accessible by the network, but it was the only place persistent, and my nas4free has plex on it which stream data, everywhere so I wanted it to access the drive, we can also extend the command script to make the folder in /mnt.

1cp -vr /mnt/prime/mise/.nsmbrc /root/.nsmbrc && sudo mount_smbfs -N -I //username@NETBIOSNAME/SHARENAME /mnt/prime/SHARENAME/

below is what I wrote in .nsmbrc

2	addr=
4	password=abc123

CAPITAL letters are used to stress case-sensitivity.

reason for writing this was people were having trouble on automount on boot on nas4free embedded because on boot changes will be purged in fstab

format and flags used in .nsmbrc

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