Communication Mediums: Arduino WiFi, RN-42 Bluetooth, Netduino Ethernet

Hello, I have gotten my hands on couple of communication devices which could be used for android and Arduino/ Netduino communication, first RN-42 SMD bought from – link, Arduino WiFi Shield also bought from – link and third is Netduino it self which comes with Ethernet shield built-in, and Netduino is given to me by my teacher for educational purposes only, sad cant keep it.

Any ways lets start of with, RN-42 SMD is fairly cheap comparatively to others available for sale on spark fun  and is very easy to use you just need 4 connections VCC(3.3v),GND,RX and TX and you are done and by default RN-42 runs on 115200 braud rate, I found this to be very cheap and easy to use although for making connections on the smd, could be stressing, you would need small and steady hands, after making connections and connecting it to my Arduino Mega 2560, I used my serial Bluetooth android app and data transfer was done perfectly and fast, and range was acceptable, about 50 to 60 feet. it is perfect fit for short range, battery powered application.

Second device is WiFi Shield, which lets Arduino board connect to the internet using the 802.11 wireless specification and comes with a micro-SD card socket for saving of html pages and data logging,  we could either use the WiFi Shield as Server or Client and in my case I use it as a server, although Arduino cant process anything above HTML and JavaScript but we can do with these all so well, with WiFi Shield, we use Get and Post methods – (which I will explain in next post how?) to send and receive data from Arduino, from then on its same as serial monitor or Bluetooth. So from my android I send a request on the ip which is assigned to WiFi Shield through DHCP, request could be Get or Post and Arduino executes that request.

Arduino and WiFi Shield : Controlling my room lights from Kazi Murtaza on Vimeo.

Third device which is Netduino in-built Ethernet Shield, I have not gotten around to configure it yet, but will do it next. I feel the results will be same as Arduino WiFi Shield.

So in end I realized one thing, WiFi Shield is a bit buggy, sometimes requests in buffer of Arduino don’t really execute and if they do its 4-5 sec delay, I guess it takes time to process the request and its fairly new so needs a firmware update, so WiFi shield is not recommended for on second execution for example like WiFi controlled car, for such projects Bluetooth should be preferred, and for projects such as Home Automation and such WiFi is ideal.



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