My Jarvis

Jarvis, the one from iron man movie, Yes, Digital Life Assistance crazy idea for hobby project, right ? well we have seen many different kind’s of implementation’s in hope’s of achieving what that rich bastard has, but if we were to have it, we must first have platform to build upon, as far as I can see we need a system which is capable of achieving tasks in real world and virtual world, so to start off my first task is controlling the lights with Arduino, don’t worry I will be taking it slow. Idea, if it was not clear above, idea is to use Arduino without spending a lot of money(very crucial) to control devices such as bulbs, fans and stuff, I plan on using some sort of communication shield, When done it will send some MESSEAGE(not really clear on that) to Arduino, Arduino will move some relays and give me back a response, toggling devices.

next post will be about requirements and basic concept of controlling a device through relay.

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