UBNT EdgeRouter X – Configure OpenVPN + SmartDNS from Expressvpn

if you are like me, and content you surf is localised, you will get frustrated soon, you will opt for VPN, proxies and smart DNS, what I am going to share below is a specific setting, for my router which is UBNT EdgeRouter X 5 Port. SCP/SFTP: file into router my_expressvpn_anycountry_-_any_city_udp.ovpn, you will find this from expressvpn. You need to ssh into the router, Create a file in /config/auth/user-pass. Read On →

Hybris Cluster Deployment: The One-Stop Guide

to my surprise something so powerful and in demand, was not documented properly for a begginner, had to jump through alot of hoops, so here is my effort to provide everything I know about clustering hybris. I have chosen to host this cluster on AWS. for now this article will assume you have basic knowledge of hybris and its architecture, later if I find time I will provide more details, which I will brush over right now. Read On →

nas4free embedded: auto mount samba share on boot

Nas4Free Embedded, is the most fault tolerant version for nas4free, but it has a downside; changes are not persistent. like, for example, I required my other samba shares from other machine to be mounted on nas4free embedded on boot, so what I did was; placed the below script in command script GUI page placed .nsmbrc on one of the shares - which has the password so it does not get prompted during boot for password and kept the mount folder inside that share also, obviously that folder inside share will not be accessible by the network, but it was the only place persistent, and my nas4free has plex on it which stream data, everywhere so I wanted it to access the drive, we can also extend the command script to make the folder in /mnt. Read On →

docker jenkins docker; thinking inside the box

docker-jenkins-inside-docker What it does is; creates a container of ubuntu 16.04, mounts -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock from host into container, start with out -d so, Jenkins lands, inside with bash so one can check the init password and set up Jenkins, and than restart docker container, when times comes to do continuous integrations and deployments, we can pull in separate docker containers and perform those automate builds(java) in those Docker containers, isolate jobs in Docker containers. Read On →

Installation trouble of deluge on nas4free/FreeBSD 9.2/9.1

Hello everbody, if you are trying to install deluge on a FreeBSD / Nas4Free 9.2 FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE-p3 (kern.osreldate: 902001) ( - Shigawire (revision 943)). and the goal is to run the most current version of deluge in a console only / WebUI fashion. And you do not want to run the application inside a jail. During the installation, you will run into trouble as detailed below. The installation does not seem to go through properly. Read On →


Hello again, The trouble, I was facing when I made this was that, I was using three machines together so that means 3 keyboards and 3 mouse, well 2 mouse one of those machines was console based, and I didn’t had much space on my table it was getting much hectic managing all the keyboards and mouses. And KVM’s in market I found were quiet expensive. so the solution was quiet simple and cheap; I took 8 small relays, cut-out of vero board, two toggle buttons, one usb-female for wireless RF receiver of Keyboard and Mouse and 3 usb-male for 3 machines and Altoids box to fit it all in. Read On →

Kinect Car


My FYP, just started

hello, as this is my final semester in my university Szabist doing Bs-Computing, and my final year project is Autonomous Obstacle Detection And Avoidance on Scaled Car Model, yes its a mouth full, my objective is; Navigating System, which controls the car for autonomous obstacle avoidance System, Flexible enough to be implementing on other robots, or future projects. Using state of art Technology Like; Kinect for computer vision, micro controllers like; Raspberry Pi, Netduino and Arduino this could never be easier, achieving this goal is challenging but possible, this will be an interesting project at least. Read On →

Meme.pk - Meme Pakistan

Scroll to Infinte Meme.Pk – Meme Pakistan; channel for all local memes, want to know you memes?, I made this just because I could ROFL, actually no there are many Facebook pages out there for this sorta thing but not really a proper channel, so I came up with this pinterest type theme, with basic interface and endless scrolling* website, where one could collect, share, like and comment, its first version is up and ready, currently I am in search of some one who could help me maintain it, as it requires a lot of time, and I was planning to open meme submission and newsletters. Read On →

Cloud Ftp Client

Cloud Ftp Client, is basically web-based FTP client written in Jquery and PHP. I made this, keeping in mind of those tricky situations when you need it and not have it, and those where your hosting is providing a lame file explorer, or when you need to transfer files to your web hosting account or any other remote server, and you are using computers at some other place, where you do not have desktop FTP client installed, this could help you there. Read On →